Elite Express Urbandale Towing

With a duet of cheap towing rates and a 24 hours towing service readily available, Elite Express is more than equipped with a solution to your car troubles. Elite Express is a 24 hour towing company dedicated to providing a broad range of Urbandale towing services to people in the area. This Urbandale towing company holds five primary services to aid the public with a stable 24 hour towing service. These services are uncanny regarding low costs compared to the other typical towing rates with Elite Express’s cheap towing rates.

Let this particular towing service come to your rescue with their cheap towing rates and an array of emergency towing services. Look us up on Google by typing “towing company near me” or call us for support, pricing, or any other questions at 515-800-2240.

The Best Urbandale Towing Company

Jumpstart and Urbandale Towing Service

Elite Express can handle any type of job ranging from serious accidents to simply getting your car back in order and on the road. In some cases of car troubles, it is a mere case of your car needing a quick jumpstart. This jumpstart will help if your car battery has died or has malfunctioned.

We can help you with the emergency towing services we offer as well as roadside assistance with our 24 hour Urbandale towing company. Although a dead car battery is not as nearly as complicated or serious as other types of car issues, it is still a big hassle. Especially, when you are on the road when it happens. Just use your phone and look up “towing service near me” to find us or call us directly at 515-800-2240. One of our friendly staff will drive to your exact location and jumpstart your car’s battery for you. Let us come to your aid and support you getting back on the road in time towards your destination.


Regardless of how careful and cautious we are regarding our cars’ safety features, the best of us can wind up getting locked out of our vehicles. This common occurrence is often overlooked by the towing services offered by any other Urbandale towing company. Our ability to troubleshoot this problem makes us a unique breed of a 24 hours towing service company.

Although we may not be capable of unlocking your car’s safety features ourselves, our team of highly experienced technicians is trained to handle the situation. They can help you even if they cannot unlock the car themselves. They do this by getting your car to a service provider that can handle the problem at hand. We are not saying that being locked out of your car is pleasant by any means. However, we will always strive to make your experience virtually painless and as hassle free as we can. We are here for you anytime and any place within the Urbandale area. Google “towing service near me” to find us or call our hotline at 515-800-2240.

Short Distance Towing Service

With our 24/7 Urbandale towing support, we can transport your vehicle regardless of whether it was an accident on the road or your car decided to malfunction. Urbandale towing rates will usually leave you in the position to sell your right arm and left leg to make up for the unforeseen costs of emergency towing. We are the one 24/7 towing company that offers affordable rates. Especially when it comes to short distance towing. Why spend a small fortune for a small distance when you can depend on us for 24/7 towing support?

Elite Express could be your ‘go to’ place in Urbandale area for short distance towing services. We are more than prepared to get your car to a destination of your choice. On your phone, look up “towing service near me” to find us or call our direct phone line by simply dialing 515-800-2240. Even the shortest of distances can be a pain to travel to when your car is broken. Let us get your car to where it needs to be.

Long Distance Towing Service

With average Urbandale towing rates, a long distance towing operation can cost quite a bit of money. This money is wasted in our opinion because our towing company offers the most affordable rates in this area. A typical Urbandale towing company will charge you a fortune just to pick up your car not to mention their “travel expenses.” We, at Elite Express, believe that towing rates should be affordable and reasonable.

Just Google “towing company near me” to compare our rates with our competitors. As you will see, we blow them out of the water with our pricing. We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. We strive to provide the highest quality services while still maintaining a low cost to you at the same time.

Gas Delivery

Though running out of gas may seem harmless, it isn’t and we know that here at Elite Express. This situation can leave you stranded on the roadside scratching your head while wondering how you let it happen. Do not worry because it happens to the best of the best of us. Look up “towing company near me” to find us if you are in Urbandale area or simply call our phone number which is 515-800-2240. We will drive to you and give you the gasoline type you need to get back on the road and to keep on exploring the charters of freedom.