A towing service company is your only way out when you are trapped in the middle of a busy traffic. You have a need to call a towing company when your under-chassis starts to rattle violently and just stops. You need a tow truck service when your kid borrows your car and doesn’t refill the gas tank. Or when you keep on postponing bringing your car to the shop for that much-needed repair. Whatever issue you face, a tow truck service company is the best help you you will want. For Norwalk towing, call us today at 5158002240.

Elite Express Towing, your  24-hour towing company, is at your service in the Norwalk area. Attributed to over a decade of experience in emergency towing services, Elite Express Towing has, in a very short time, become a household name for Norwalk residents for any kind of emergency towing needs.

When caught in a situation where you need to avail of a towing company that operates 24 hours because of some unavoidable emergencies, like being locked out of your vehicle or running out of gas, the one thought in your mind is “What is  the towing company near me?” It’s so important to consider the following, that Elite Express Towing can offer:

The one who has the cheap towing rate
The lowest towing rates offered in Norwalk
24/7 Norwalk Towing


Our secret in having less stressful emergencies towing experience is to offer you the best affordable towing rates and provide the use of a local Norwalk towing company like Elite Express Towing that is always on the go, offering 24-hour towing services.

Becoming the alpha leader in emergency towing services is the vision and mission of Elite Express Towing. And we know that we can achieve that by walking the extra mile that goes beyond our customers’ expectations, through the development of an innovative customer service and providing the best price that is competitive in the market.

When you search for a top-rated towing service in Norwalk, it’s important to consider whether they will deal with you professionally and would consider your convenience as their priority. If your vehicle encounters breakdown, our friendly phone agents will attend to your needs. And our best drivers will move your car to your preferred location safely.


In case of a breakdown, we can easily put you back on the road as soon as possible by giving your car a quick jumpstart, or towing it to the nearest mechanic!  We at Elite Express Towing have earned great reviews from satisfied clientele who have undergone emergency situations that were given caring customer service!


What can be more frustrating when you are in a hurry and be lockout from your vehicle? Stop feeling helpless because our expert technician can in no time unlock it. You can be on the go in about 30min! And we are available 24 hours, anywhere you may be in the Norwalk area.

Short Distance Towing

Whatever may be the cause, may it be a mechanical problem an unavoidable accident, we at Elite Express Towing take pride in being able to respond promptly at the very best price and service there is.

Long Distance Towing

People try to avoid long distance towing services. The reason is the rising cost of towing services. Now, that should not hinder in doing so because you can rely on Elite Express Towing to accomplish the task efficiently in a very cost-effective way.

Gas Delivery

Yes, nobody’s perfect. You may have thought you have enough gas and could make it to the next gas station. But, you did not know that your teenager kid used your car stealthily last night and forgot to refill the tank. Again, no worries, Elite Express Towing will deliver you gas and get you on the go again.

We at Elite Express Towing, our foremost desire is for the satisfaction and safety of the residents in Norwalk and surrounding area. Where other competitors may lack the commitment, just leaving you all alone in the midst of all unpleasant experience, we assure you that we are the one that you can always depend on- 24/7 emergency towing services.

Here are some points why you should consider Elite Express as your first choice in emergency towing services:

1. Keep yourself safe from towing scammers

Calling us will keep you away from unscrupulous towing scammers who might send questionable characters to dupe you in giving your car keys with the promise of taking it to the repair shop. Or they might charge you an unnecessary price taking advantage of your situation. Although you could call any company, our company is the best towing company to call to avoid scammers. 

2. Efficient Road Side Assistance

It is wise to call the right roadside assistance like Elite Express Towing.  We offer you a wide range of services like a jumpstart, short and long distance towing. We also do lockout and gas delivery services.

3. Have a Pleasant Towing Experience

Anyone who undergoes such an ordeal of having an engine breakdown or runs out of gas, needs a quick towing service.

We, at Elite Express Towing Services, are open for 247 Norwalk towing for a stress-free towing experience.  We are ready to serve with our expert and prompt customer service. You can easily reach us through our number. Call Elite Express Towing at 515-800-2240 or visit our webpage at www.eliteexpresstowing.com.