24 Hour Grimes Towing Company

Elite Express Towing is a 24-hour towing company that offers high quality emergency towing services in the Grimes area. With over one decade of experience offering towing services, you can’t go wrong with us. Our 24-hour towing services come at the lowest possible rates. Elite Express Towing has quickly become the first call for Grimes Towing for residents.

When you decide to employ the services of a 24-hour tow truck company, you are probably in a position of emergency. “What are the towing companies near me?” This is a common question. It’s crucial to go with a company that will provide excellent towing services. This is something Elite Express Towing guarantees by offering:

  • Best rates on towing services
  • Lowest Grimes towing rates
  • 247 Grimes Towing

Here are the trick to turning an emergency towing service situation into a less-stressful experience. The tricks for getting the best towing rates and getting 247 towing services are to use a local Grimes towing.  Elite Express Towing offers a 24-hour towing services in the Grimes area.

Elite Express Towing’s mission is to become the leader in emergency towing services. We want to exceed customer expectation. Our goal is to develop effective customer solution techniques and provide the best pricing on services.

Searching for the best towing service in Grimes? Its crucial to ensure the company you select has the aim of exceeding your customer expectation. The company has to be great in both offering the best rates, easy & convenience service and professionalism.

The services Include

Jumpstart & Towing

Getting you back on the road after a breakdown is done in a matter of minutes with us. The expertise at which Elite Express Towing handles smaller road-side incidents has seen the company earn rave reviews. If your vehicle requires a jumpstart, a tow for short and long distances, Elite Express Towing provides the best rates.  We provide the best towing service in the Grimes area.


In cases of a lockout, having a towing service company who can offer you quick 24-hour service is very important. We help with getting your vehicle to a trained technician who can unlock it hassle-free. The expertise in turning a stressful situation into a good customer experience is key at Elite Express Towing.

Short Distance Towing

In case of a mechanical break down by the road side or an accident, Elite Express Towing provides the best towing services. We not only respond immediately, but also offer the best rates. The main goal is to address your towing needs in the most cost efficient and timely manner.

Long Distance Towing

Handling long-distance towing doesn’t always have to be an overly expensive service. There are times when people need stuff moved long distance. However, the ever-rising cost of towing services has meant that such plans may be on hold. Elite Express Towing prides itself of a list of returning clients who trust us with getting their cars, vehicles, RV’s, and more towed.

Gas Delivery

It happens even to the most-meticulous individuals out there, that your vehicle runs out of gas and you are not packed right by the next gas station.

That could be a head scratcher as it could potentially leave you stranded on the road. With Elite Express Towing, customers can receive competitively priced gas delivery offering a unique service to get you right back on the road in little or no time!

For any emergency towing service needs in the Grimes area, Elite Express Towing offers you an extra layer in terms of customer satisfaction, insurance for days when you could be left stranded by a company who do not value your needs as much as they should.

Here are a few factors that makes Elite Express Towing your number 1 choice for emergency towing and 247 emergency services

  • Keeps away towing scammers

Calling Elite Express Towing helps you protect yourself from unscrupulous towing scams which in some cases involves unauthorized persons with fake papers who convinced you with a well-oiled sales pitch to move your vehicle to a repair spot from which it never returns.

  • Efficient Road-side assistance

It is important to choose the right road side assistance like Elite Express Towing. We offer a broad range of towing services, long and short distance. We jumpstart cars, do lockout services, and deliver gas.

  • Make the towing experience very efficient

For everyone who has ever been in a roadside emergency, a quick tow is relieve the pressure. It’s a quick rush of relief when you see the wheels of your vehicle rolling into a tow truck. When your vehicle gets towed, your roadside ordeal is over.

Elite Express Towing ensures that the process is extremely stress free. Our technicians and drivers are trained and are happy to give you a ride to your destination. In case you are locked out, ran out of gas, or just require a lift, call us.

For the best 24-hour towing service and best rates, contact Elite Express Towing at 515-800-2240 or visit www.eliteexpresstowing.com