Looking for an extraordinary towing service around clive area? Elite express is your go-to place. With a long and variety of experience in offering emergency towing services at the most affordable rates, Elite Express Towing has grown tremendously. We have become the go-to company for people living in Clive. Yes we are known for Clive Towing.

The decision to call in the help of a 24-hour towing company is in most situations, prompted by an emergency. This can be in the form of having a dead battery or being locked out of your vehicle. It also maybe in thought of “What are the towing companies near me?” In this situation, it is most pertinent that you chose a company that has the capacity to deliver high quality towing services. However, at the same time, it can’t be leaving a hole in your pocket. These represent the character of Elite Towing Services:

We offer

  • Best rates on towing services
  • Lowest Clive towing rates
  • 247 Clive Towing
  • 24-7 Towing Services


To employ our services means that you will enjoy a less-stressful experience in an emergency situation, the most affordable Clive towing rates, and 24/7 towing services.

We design our structures and operations with the sole goal of being the standard and setting the pace in the emergency towing service industry. These we aim to achieve trough exceptional customer service delivery that is focused on deploying effective and effective solutions to clients while maintaining price competitiveness.

When you wish to make a choice of a towing service company in Clive, it is fundamental that you opt for a company that has the capacity and culture of not just meeting clients’ expectations, but exceeding them. Affordability, quality customer care, speed, professionalism, and convenience should be your driving principles.

Our range of services include;


We offer the most optimized solution to put you back on the street as soon as possible. The expertise, professionalism and ease with which we handle all road-side incidents have seen the company receive rave reviews from clients. Even if your vehicle simply requires a jumpstart, a tow for short and long distances, we got you adequately covered.


In a case of lockout, just call on us, and we would be there to save the day. Our capacity to offer 24-hour service means that we would be there for you anytime. We can also get your vehicle to a qualified technician who can unlock it hassle-free if you so desire.


Simply call us at 5158002240.


Long-distance towing services doesn’t have to be an overly expensive and complicated. We have succeeded in simplifying the process achieving greater affordability for clients. Consequently, a lot of people do trust us to get their cars, vehicles and RV’s towed.


Even the most meticulous amongst us can run out of gas while driving. It becomes even a greater concern if he/she is not packed close to a gas station.

Well… this is one of the situations where you would have nothing to do but scratching your head. With Elite Express Towing, that shouldn’t be a problem. We can deliver gas to your vehicle so that you can start moving in little or no time!

For any emergency towing service needs in the Clive area, we assure you of our unmatched capacity to deliver solutions of the highest quality that guarantee satisfaction. We are the best insurance cover for days of emergency situations that require towing services.

Below are additional reasons why you should make Elite Express Towing your go to company for towing services;


We are aware that there are lots of impostors who lay a false claim to expertise and professionalism. This set of scammers only end up in wasting clients’ time and money. With us, the narrative is different; we assure you that you are dealing with an authorized and highly professional business outfit with reputation and tremendous relevance that is out to serve the interests of clients.


We offer a long array of 24 towing services which include long and short distances. These then include jumpstart & towing service, lockout services and gas delivery. So whatever your need is, we assure you that we will cover you.


The high level of professionalism and super quality customer care at Elite Express mean that we have simplified the process. We ensure an absolutely stress-free experience for our increasing clientele.

If you are in need of the best towing service, or most affordable towing rates call us. Contact Elite Express Towing at 515-800-2240. You can also visit for more info.